Phenotypic Correlations of Body Weight, Milk Yield with Udder and Teat Measurements in Three Nigerian Breeds of Sheep

  • Shettima, S. M., Department of Animal Science, University of Maiduguri
  • Aliyu, J.
  • Abbator, F. I.
  • Lamido, M.
  • Abdulhamid, A. D.
Keywords: Parity, Milk, correlations, Body weight, Udder, Teat measurements, Sheep


This study was conducted at the Livestock Teaching and Research Farm of the Department of Animal Science, University of Maiduguri, Borno State to determine the phenotypic correlations of body weight, milk yield with udder and teat measurements in three nigerian breeds of sheep. A total of 36 ewes, comprising of 12 each of Uda, Yankasa and Koroji breeds were used for the study which lasted for 18 months. The ewes aged two to three years were procured from Maiduguri cattle market and quarantined for two weeks. Each was replicated three times in a group of four animals per pen with a healthy matured ram of the selected breed for breeding purpose, the ewes were tagged for easy identification. Milk yield was measured daily using a measuring cylinder (in mls). The ewes were hand milked once daily between 7 and 9 am, till dry. Body weight, Udder and Teat dimensions were measured every two weeks using flexible rope, metre rule and tape from four days postpartum. The data collected were analyzed using the SPSS package version 21. The results showed that milk yield did not significantly correlate with ewe weight and most udder traits in all the breeds except udder volume (r = -0.281) in Koroji breed and, left and right teat lengths (r = 0.46, P<0.05) in Uda. The correlations between ewe weight and all the udder traits were mostly high and positive in Koroji and Uda breed except teat width. The wide inter individual variations in milk production, body live weight, udder and teat measurements in ewes identifies the impact of heavy and low body weight on sheep breed, milk production levels and related changes. Thus, milk yield is not a function of ewe weight and all the udder traits in all the breeds except udder volume in Koroji breed and, left and right teat length in Uda.


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