Haematological and Serum biochemical Indices of Broiler Chickens Fed Single and Multi-Protein Phase-Feeding Regimes

  • Yisah L. J.
  • Joseph, M. A.
  • Ogaji, E. O.
  • Ayeni A. O.
Keywords: Broiler chickens, crude protein, single protein, multi-protein, feeding


Three hundred and sixty (360) day-old Arbor-acre broiler chicks were used to investigate the effects of single and multi-protein phase feeding on their hematological and serum biochemical profile. The chicks were placed on single protein phase (SP) and multi-protein phase (two-protein phase (TwP) and three-protein phase (ThP)) feeding regimes of one hundred and twenty birds per system. Each feeding system was replicated five times with twenty four (24) birds per replicate. The three feeding plans used contained 21% crude protein (CP) (SP), 23% and 21% CP (TwP) and 23%, 20% and 18% CP (ThP) while the metabolizable energy (ME) for all the systems averaged 13.32 MJ/kg. While birds on SP feeding were fed on 21% CP for 1 - 42 days, birds on TwP feeding were fed for 1 - 18 days on 23% CP and 19 - 42 days on 21% CP, the birds on ThP feeding were fed on 23% CP for 1 - 18 days, 20% CP for 19 - 28 days and 18% CP for 29 - 42 days in a completely randomized design. The hematological indices were measured and the packed cell volume (PCV), Red blood cell (RBC), Hemoglobin concentration (Hb) and Mean cell volume (MCV) were significantly influenced (P<0.05) such that PCV, RBC and Hb for birds placed on single protein phase differ from that of birds on two-protein phase and three-protein phase while the MCV shows different trend with birds on single protein phase differ from two-protein phase but similar statistically to three- protein phase. Thus, PCV (%) ranged: 31 - 37.38, RBC (x 106): 2.90 - 4.26, Hb (g/100ml): 10.01 -12.46 and MCV (µ3): 88.64 – 115.25. The serum metabolites measured  were not significantly affected ( P>0.05) by dietary treatments, and the range of values obtained were: TP (g/dl): 5.47 – 6.52, ALB (g/dl): 3.16 – 3.18, GLOB (g/dl): 2.30 – 2.71, ALP(UI/I): 74.14 –77.02,creatine (mg/dl): 1.38 – 3.03, ALT (IU/I)1.19 – 1.28, AST (IU/I): 1.90 – 1.32 and ALB/GLOB ratio: 1.18 – 1.41.It was concluded that single and multi-protein phase feeding have no adverse effects on haematological and serum metabolites of broiler chickens.


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