Growth Response of Yankasa Rams to Urea-Treated or Untreated Millet Stover Based Supplements with Feed Additives During Early Raining Season Grazing

  • Sani, Y. M.
  • Abubakar, M.
  • Doma, U. D.
  • kalla D. J. U.
Keywords: Urea, millet stover, Yankasa rams, feed additives, raining season


This experiment was conducted to investigate the response of growing Yankasa rams to urea-treated and untreated millet Stover based supplements during early raining season grazing on supplement nutrient intake, growth performance and economics of production. A total of twenty (20) growing Yankasa rams were used for the experiment in a completely randomized design with five (5) treatments of four (4) rams each. In the experiments, five different supplements were compounded to contain 12% CP from urea-treated or urea untreated millet stover and other ingredients with or without feed additives. Supplement 1 had untreated millet stover, while 2, 3, 4 and 5 contained urea-treated millet stover at 1, 2, 3, and 4%, respectively with feed additive. Rams were offered their respective supplements at 400 g per head per day (200 g each in the morning and evening) and thereafter allowed to graze the available forages. The experiment lasted for 84 days. The results of the experiment revealed that supplement DMI was significant (P<0.05). The SDMI was higher in rams fed supplement 5 and least in those fed 2 with values of 324.13 and 200.24 g/day, respectively. Better fed utilization (1.65) was recorded in rams fed supplement 2 and the least (2.67) in those fed 5. Rams fed supplement 2 had the lowest cost N135.49 per kg live-weight gain and highest feed cost savings of N105.07 compared with others. It is therefore concluded that supplements with urea-treated millet stover at 1% gave better results on average daily weight gain, feed utilization and lowest cost in feed per weight gain. It is recommended that; this supplement can be fed to Yankasa rams during the raining season.


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