Seasonal Variation in Haematological and Oxidative Status of West African Dwarf Sheep

  • Atte, P. O.
  • Opoola, E.
Keywords: Haematology, Oxidative status, Season, Variation, West African Dwarf sheep


This experiment was conducted to evaluate the seasonal variation in haematological and oxidative status of West African dwarf (WAD) sheep. Twenty-four WAD sheep were used. The study was carried out during the different season. Haematological and oxidative parameters were determined according to standard procedure. Season had no significant effect on PCV, MCHC, MCV, neutrophil and monocyte counts. The PCV values ranged between 29.25% in wet and 27.69% in dry season. The haemoglobin value for dry season was13.40g/dl while the wet season was 9.21g/dl. The red blood cell was significantly (P<0.05) higher in dry season (14.45 x106μl/ml) than wet season (10.25 x106μl/ml). MCH was significantly (P<0.05) higher (14.53 Pg) in the dry compared to wet season (11.40Pg). Higher value of WBC was recorded in the dry (11.54 × 103μl/ml) compared to wet season (7.45×103μl/ml). Lymphocytes was significantly (P<0.05) higher in the dry (45.58%) than in the wet season (38.12%). The eosinophil value (1.75%) was higher during the wet than the dry season (0.27%). Catalase value was higher during the dry season (6.5U/ml) compared to wet season (3.74U/ml). The SOD (90.40U/ml), GSH (8.65U/ml) and GPx (104.45 U/ml) values were all higher during the dry compared to wet season (78.80U/ml, 4.12U/ml and 99.30U/ml) respectively. It was concluded that WAD sheep had better antioxidant defense mechanism during the dry season compared to wet season and was recommended that efforts should be made to improve antioxidant protection of sheep during the wet season so that higher oxidative state can be achieved in both seasons.


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