Influence of Breed, Season and Feed type on Semen qualities and their Relationships with Testicular size in Bucks

  • Waba, Y. E. Department of Animal Health and Production, Federal Polytechnic Bali Taraba State, Nigeria
  • Mbap, S. T. Department of Animal Production, Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, University Bauchi, Nigeria
  • Kalla, D. J. U. Department of Animal Production, Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, University Bauchi, Nigeria
  • Mancha, Y. P. Department of Animal Production, Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, University Bauchi, Nigeria
Keywords: Semen quality, feeds, scrotal size


The study evaluated the influence of feed, season and breed on the reproductive parameters of West Africa Dwarf (WAD) and Sahel bucks at National Veterinary Research Institute (N.V.R.I), Vom. A total of eight bucks of the two breeds that service does in a body of feeding experiments were used for this study. The eight bucks each were used for semen collection, using electro-ejaculator and evaluation every two weeks. The study lasted for 12 calendar months (from Nov, 2018- Oct, 2019). The bucks were fed Gmelina and cassava peel meal, Gmelina and cowpea husk, Ficus and cassava peal meal and, Ficus and cowpea husk as treatments (T1-T4 respectively). The bucks by breed were allotted to the treatments randomly ie two bucks per treatment. The average scrotal circumference, semen volume, sperm concentration, pH, percentages motility, normal and live sperm cells for WAD goats were 17.70 cm, 424.11x106/ml, 6.65 0.50 ml, 84.88, 93.45 and 92.01% respectively. The corresponding values for Sahel goats were 18.12 cm, 405:73x10 6/ml, 6.92, 0.44 ml, 81.16 91.18 and 92.01 % (P<0.01). Breed, season and diet significantly (P<0.01) influenced most of the parameters tested except the effects of breed and feed on percentage live sperm cells. The WAD bucks had higher semen volume, concentration, motility and normal sperm cells, while the Sahel was better in the other characteristics (scrotal circumference, semen colour and pH level). Generally the early rainy season had higher values for essential semen qualities such as volume, concentration and normal sperm. Ficus containing diet on the other hand resulted in higher concentration, motility and normal sperm cells.


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