Performance and Economic Returns by Yankasa Rams Fed Treated Sugarcane Bagasse Supplemented with Varying Levels of Yeast in Total Mixed Ration (TMR)

  • Mijinyawa, M. A. Department of Agricultural Education, Sa’adatu Rimi College of Education, Kumbotso, Kano
  • Lamidi, O. S. National Animal Production Research Institute, Shika Zaria, Nigeria
  • Abdu, S. B. Department of Animal Science, Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, Nigeria
  • Hassan, M.R. National Animal Production Research Institute, Shika Zaria, Nigeria
Keywords: By-products, Baker’s yeast, Economic impact, Growth rate


This study was conducted to evaluate the growth performance of Yankasa rams fed varying inclusion levels of yeast in bagasse based total mixed ration (TMR). Twenty (20) growing Yankasa rams were used for the study. The rams were allotted to four (4) dietary treatment in a completely randomised design. The feeding trial lasted for 90 days. The yeast was included at the rate of 0, 5, 6 and 7 g/kg and the diets were offered at 4% body weight. Data generated were subjected to Analysis of Variance using General Linear Model procedure of Statistical Analysis System (SAS) and significant means were compared using Tukey’s test. The Crude protein (CP) content of experimental diet varied between 13% and 13.75% while neutral detergent fibre (NDF), acid detergent fibre (ADF), and acid detergent lignin (ADL) ranged from 68.30% to 69.04%, 32.60% to 33.53%, and 11.28% to 33.52%, respectively. The result of the feeding trial showed that there was significant (P<0.05) difference in feed intake, final weight gains and average daily gain. Rams fed TMR with 7 g inclusion level of yeast had significantly (P<0.05) higher weight gain, average daily gain and better feed conversion ratio. It was concluded that yeast inclusion at 7 g/kg improved the growth performance by 34%. Therefore, it should be included in the diet of Yankasa rams for improved performance and higher economic returns.


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