Influence of Sex and Age on Morphometric Traits in Balami Sheep in Maiduguri

  • Mohammed, A.
  • Modu-Kagu, H.A.
  • Alade, N.K.
  • Jibrin, A.
  • Raji, A. O.
Keywords: Morphometric traits, linear body measurements, Balami


This study was conducted to assess the influence of sex and age on morphometric traits in Balami sheep. Fourteen Balami sheep were purchased from Maiduguri cattle Market and reared at the Livestock Teaching Research Farm, Borno State University Maiduguri. The Morphometric traits measured include; Body Weight (BW) (Kg), Height at withers (HW) (cm), Body length (BL) (cm) and Heart girth (HG) (cm).  The data obtained was subjected to Analysis of Variance using the General Linear Model Procedure of SAS (Statistical Analysis Systems) software. Significant means were compared by the Least Significant Difference method of the same statistical package. The results indicated that male Balami sheep had heavier body weight (78.04 kg) (P<0.05) and higher height at withers (42.82 cm) than female. They equally had higher heart girth and body length. Higher body weight was observed among the ages between 3-5 years. Measurements of various body conformations are of value in deciding which animals to buy, sell, cull or breed and are also helpful in developing suitable selection criteria.


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