Effects of Udder and Teat shapes on Somatic Cell Counts and Occurrence of Mastitis in Sokoto Gudali and White Fulani Cows

  • Abisoye, F. O. Department of Animal Health and Production Technology, School of Agriculture, Kogi State Polytechnic, Itakpe, Kogi State
  • Adedibu, I. I.
  • Kabir, M.
  • Ugbojah, O. G.
  • Joseph, M. A.
  • Aliyu K.
  • Adebayo, O. M.
Keywords: White Fulani, Sokoto Gudali, Mastitis, Udder, Teat, Measurements


The health of cows, particularly the condition of the udder, has a direct impact on the amount and quality of milk as well as the effectiveness of its production.  However, the evaluation of udder and teat shapes in relation to mastitis in White Fulani (WF) and Sokoto Gudali (SG) cows is essential. The Morphological traits measured were Udder shape (Bowl, Irregular, Rounded, Trough and Pendulous) and Teat (Bottle, Conical and Cylindrical) shapes. Measurement was collected from 33 cows (20 WF and 13 SG cows). The data was analysed using IBM SPSS (2017) statistic (Version 25). Computations using means procedure were done to determine the means and standard errors for each trait and percentage was used to determine the variability in the population for Mastitis. Analysis of variance showed that there were significant differences between the two breeds for udder and teat shape for all traits. Bottle shaped teats were lower in distribution for SG and cylindrical for WF. However, White Fulani was higher in Somatic Cell Count (SCC) for cows with conical and cylindrical teat shapes. Bottle shaped teat had higher SCC in Sokoto Gudali compared with White Fulani. Cows with irregular udder shape also had the highest percentage of mastitis with White Fulani and Sokoto Gudali having 75% each. Cows with conical teat had the highest percentage of non-occurrence of mastitis with White Fulani and Sokoto Gudali having 75 and 80%, respectively. In conclusion, dairy farmers should rear cows with good Udder and teat shapes and, less Somatic Cell Counts in order to improve milk production.


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