Parasitic Profile of Gastrointestinal Tracts of Some Fish Species from Three Water Bodies in Biu, Borno State, Nigeria

  • Zira, J. D.
  • Usman, A. M.
  • Danba, E. P.
  • Selchak, N.
Keywords: Fish, Gastrointestinal tract, Infection, Parasites, Profile


Parasitic profile of gastrointestinal tracts of fish species from Biu dam, Tilla Lake and Yamar Kumi River, Biu Local Government Area, Borno State were investigated for the period of (August - November, 2022) using standard methods. The results showed that a total of five (5) parasites species were identified in the gastro intestinal tracts of all the fish species examined, namely; Contracaecum sp., Camallanus sp. and capillaria sp. were nematodes while Proteocephalus sp. and Dactylogyrus sp. were cestode and trematode. The highest prevalence of the parasites infection was recorded in Clarias anguillaris (60%) and the highest parasites intensity was recorded in Hemibagrus gutattus (4.0%), while Clarias anguillaris and Oreochromis aureus recorded 2.70% and 2.25%, respectively.The overall highest prevalence of parasitic infections of 16.67% was recorded in female than the male species which recorded 11.32% infections rate. Nematodes recorded highest prevalence infection rates of 60% of the parasites recovered. The prevalence rates of the parasites were 21.57% (51 fish), 16.0% (25 fish) and 7.69% (26 fish) among Biu dam, Tilla Lake and Yamar Kuni River. Therefore, fish should be properly processed/cooked before consumption, because these parasites are of zoonotic importance.


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